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VoyageLA Magazine Press Article

I am sooo excited to share my new feature on VoyageLA Mag!!! It is so wild to think that so many years ago I could never see this for myself through the layers of pain and tainted glasses I was looking through. Only seeing the negatives. But through working with myself, addressing the ego, and consistently showing up, I have been able to gain more confidence to put myself out there and share the authentic raw side of me. I have been thinking a lot about the saying "ask, and you shall receive." It takes courage to ask, but when you do, and then allow yourself to receive it. Wow. There really is an openness and vulnerability that comes with being willing to receive. And clarity on what it is that you want. Putting that vibration out there and matching it, claiming it as yours with gratitude, truly feeling what it would feel like to have it, and boom. The universe responds with, "your wish is my command." It is an abundant universe and there is more than enough for everyone! I am so grateful for the opportunity to share more of me. I hope you guys enjoy the article. I feel like I covered a lot of my story! Excited for more! See link below for the article.



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