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Hi! I'm Bria! So glad you found me ✨

Hi hi hi!    

     I'm Bria, I'm your free spirited (life path 5), firey Aries girl from Polaris doing all the artsy things and living my best 10 of cups life. LOL. In other words, I'm enjoying creating and living an abundant life and sharing with you guys all I can. We deserve to live our best life! I am constantly creating everyday. So here I am taking you on my journey and giving you glimpses into my life and discoveries. I am a wife and mother and love running a household. We are entertainers and love everything in the performing arts. We are aiming to be bi-coastal this year, living in New York (I lived there for 4 years and I miss it, we get to go back as a family how exciting!) and Los Angeles. We currently reside in Santa Clarita, CA.

     I'm a pretty crunchy mom and love my little sunshine boy, Sol. He is the light of my life. I enjoy doing energy readings with tarot and oracle cards, and the Akashic records. I offer readings and Soul Realignment sessions. I am opening up an online Studio soon and also in person classes, where entertainment, beauty, and spiritual classes will be held and taught. I love to share my practices with you guys and beauty services also. I am a musician and songwriter, I sing and play piano and violin. I also love to create content and act for film and television. I hope to be on broadway one day as I just LOVE to dance and sing! It's a creative life I tell ya so I'll do the best I can at teaching you everything I know! 

     I am always working on myself, and evolving into humankind. I think it's so cool we have all chosen to be here at this time and have such a great opportunity to make a difference in the world by how we show up. We don't have to do this alone. If you are looking for that star power, and have a strong desire to be great and do great and enjoy GREATNESS. Then you're in the right place. Making magic is my number one intention in life always and it's time we all receive it! 

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See you around!




X O 

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