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I have been dancing since I was a little girl and it has always been the number one thing that has made me excited about myself and lights my soul on fire. And I want that for you too. To love your body, to connect with and feel your body, and to strengthen your body. Always be dancing. The magic of dance is felt the minute you get your body moving to the beat and spirit with intention. Whether it's a party vibe, relaxation, or moving through pain, it's time to feel the heat. Dance with me! 



DanceYoga Soul Fusion

Come and get your body mind and soul energy reboot. Feel into your body as you groove and flow to rhythmic zen beats and inspiration. A mix of dance and yoga movement to wake up your inner goddess, your shakti, and your prana (life force energy), generating heat in the body. An intuitive practice that offers somatic healing, energetic flow and a balanced chi and nervous system.

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