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Bria a singer, songwriter, pianist, and recording artist. She is a classically trained musician since 1997 at 3 years old. Bria has performed and taught in California and New York City. She has had the privilege of being mentored and trained in singing and songwriting by grammy nominated songwriter Jessica Karpov (HARLOE), along with Pop and Dance Singer/Producer Mary Alouette (Alarke), and the legendary John Lennon co-writer and musician Olympia DeCarlo. As a singer, Bria has a unique and versatile tone that delivers emotional and strong sounds. Many have compared her to artists such as Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and Demi Lovato. When it comes to songwriting, Bria's strengths are found in melody and lyrics, ad-libs and backgrounds, chord structure, piano, and creating strong and catchy hooks. She can top-line as well as create a record from scratch and follow through with recording her own pianos and vocals. Bria is available for studio sessions for writing, piano, and singing. Bria currently writes her own music as well as collaborating with others. She also teaches music lessons online and in person and anticipates teaching group classes in the future. She looks forward to continuing writing, teaching, pursuing the sync world and performing.

"Music is the magic of the universe and it's here to be felt and to help raise the vibration of the planet. Let's share our unique Song"






Piano Playing/Arrangement


Vocal Production




Classical Piano

Pop Piano

Spiritual Singing With Mantra & Chants

Beginning through Advanced

Online & In Person Sessions


Piano Keys

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Los Angeles, CA

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